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Extremely comprehensive and attentive for clients needs.
I’ve hired Liza for two different occasions. One was business and it was an extremely stressful time for me and my partner. She calmed us down immediately with her knowledge and research. She instantly refereed to previous case studies/judge rulings and advised us the best way to not lose money or time. She lead us in the perfect direction.

We knew, without a doubt, when it came time to purchase our first home, Liza was our best ally. I had previously agreed to use sellers title company (wish I could have used Liza) and they didn’t forward me the HUD until 8pm the night before the sechudled closing. Liza went above and beyond to review it within a 12 hour time frame and might I add it was over night(non office hours)! She got on the phone with us at 8am and talked over all her concerns in detail with us. She advised us every step of the way. She’ll even attend the closing if the clients feel they need the extra support. She does everything from beginning to end with home purchases!

Okay now is the kicker, the company that was meant to send out my deed (sellers title company) waited over 6 months to send it out and actually sent it to Liza’s office instead of my residence. Thank goodness they did!! Liza didn’t only forward me the documents, she actually reviewed the amendments that were agreed to be changed by seller and noticed that it wasn’t changed properly. If the deed had been sent straight to me, I would have NEVER noticed! Liza emailed the seller title company straight away and requested they make the correction. I received an email from Liza once everything was already corrected. She saved me the unnecessary stress. Remember, I said this was over 6 months ago that I signed my closing papers!!!

I wish I bought and sold more properties just so I had the opportunity to work with her more often. Thanks so much for all you’ve done for us!

Great work is not cheap, and cheap work is not great! When it comes to law do not cheat yourself!